How To Optimize Your Plano Home Office With Home Automation

You haven’t been to the office for quite some time, and it’s apparent that you’re pretty good at this working from home thing. You’ve moved on from the the coffee table in the living room and have a quiet space set up as your home office. Now you're ready for the next step to automate your Plano home office. Features like smart lights and smart thermostats can make your area more suitable for your job.

But what items should you consider installing, and how can you optimize your Plano home office with home automation?

Create an ideal setting for your video conferences with smart lighting

One of the greatest perks of abandoning office life is that you no longer have to sit under harsh light from fluorescent bulbs. Illuminating your space with natural light through a window or a more appealing light source is known to improve your mood, decrease eye strain, and enhance the overall vibe. However, home lights might also wreak havoc on online conferences or on your monitor. Certainly, you can keep standing up, walking over to the wall switch, and turning your lights on or off. But that will become an annoyance when you complete that task frequently throughout your day.

When you install a smart light, you have greater command over your lights without getting up from your desk. Just pull up the lights on your cellphone application and lower them until you have the ideal level of light. You can even preset your smart lighting to turn off when the day is over, signifying that it's time to log off.

Smart thermostats let you easily adjust the temperature

As well as dimming your lighting with your smartphone app, you will also be able to change your temperature settings. When you get hot during the day, are you rushing down the hall to manually lower the temperature? Or do you stay there and start falling asleep because your office is a bit too cozy? Keep in mind computers will also add to your warmth -- especially if you spend the day with a laptop in constant contact with your legs.

A smart thermostat allows you to easily alter comfort levels until you discover the right temperature. This control is lovely on a sunny day, where the sun comes through the windows and creates spot heating in your office. On other variable weather days, you might see that you're changing temperature levels from your smartphone multiple times throughout the morning and afternoon!

Automate your home office in Plano with the help of a smart speaker

Even though smart lights and smart thermostats may be the quickest path to automate your Plano home office, you can add a whole host of smart components. For instance, a smart doorbell shows you when packages have arrived without constantly checking the front porch. Smart locks have the ability to secure your sensitive information. You could even use a smart plug that allows you to operate household devices, like printers and coffee machines.

When you want to connect your smart components into one place, you may choose a home automation system like ones offered by Vivint, or go with a more hodge-podge dump of skills in your Amazon Echo or Google Home. Whatever you choose, you have the ability to use your smart speaker to direct all your home automation devices by simply speaking. For example, say "Lights dim 10%" to get the glare off your screen. Or give the instruction, "Alexa, join my meeting," and instantly transform your work space with the optimal light, comfort levels, and sound for your video conference calls.

Automate your home office with Vivint

The best way to add home automation to your home office is to use a total smart home installation. Reach out to our team, and a Vivint expert will guide you through your home automation and security choices. Then we will design the most suitable setup for your home.

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