Why a smart home security system is worth it in Plano

April 13, 2022
up close shot of cell phone screen with smart home security display

Sometimes it's tough to know if a home security system is worth it in Plano. However, you should understand that modern a security system consist of a great deal more than a collection of motion and glass break sensors. Especially considering the add-on features a security system has -- like flood and fire sensors, mobile apps, and home automation.

Protection is the main reason for a security system

Guarding against invasion is the number one reason to get a security system in Plano. For this reason, a majority of your surveillance devices and sensors zero in on stopping an intrusion. Having said that, your modern security system doesn't just protect your property by blaring an alarm. Now you can get cell notifications, monitoring messages,and automation to aid in alerting you of a break-in when you're at work or on vacation.

To illustrate, if you are running errands or working and a stranger comes on your front porch, your doorbell camera will sense the motion. This security component will instantly send an update to your phone with a video clip of your visitor. You can then utilize the security app on your phone and communicate with whoever it may be via the two-way talk capability, or have the front hall light come on, so it seems like you’re in the house. When a break-in does occur, your home’s defense will immediately warn your 24-hour monitoring specialists, and they'll rapidly contact the authorities.

A security system offers protection from fires, flooding, and CO leaks

Various urgent events may occur at your home. Fire, flood, and carbon monoxide usually come unexpectedly and grow rapidly. Connecting different safety sensors to your alarm system gives your smoke alarms and other components the same benefits as your monitored motion detectors.

If emergency strikes, your high-volume alarm will go off, alerting all occupants of the home to exit the premises. You can even get an alert to your mobile device, which is particularly helpful when you're away at work. Your monitoring specialists are also advised, so they can reach out to first responders while you move to a safe location.

Professional monitoring responds to your home security events

24-hour monitoring is often an important factor when figuring out if a home security system is worth it in Plano. With monitoring, a live person will instantly respond to the alarm irregardless of whether the emergency occurs due to an intrusion, fire, or another event. They will contact you to ensure you aren’t experiencing a false alarm and to be certain all occupants are safe. Then they'll alert your local emergency professionals so they can head to your property quickly.

Your home security system is able to make your residence more efficient

Smart lights, smart locks, programmable thermostats, and other devices will link with your home security system to make your house more responsive and efficient. Control all of your smart equipment remotely with the security app on your smartphone or program your smart lights and home comfort systems to adjust to a preset time. You could save 10% or more on your energy expenses with automated devices.

Enjoy the advantages of a home security system today!

A comprehensive home security system in Plano is certainly worth the investment. To customize your system, contact our smart home experts. Dial (972) 703-5112 or submit the following form.