Your guide to smart lighting in Plano

close up of phone with light settings

Can you imagine what Thomas Edison would think about today's Plano smart lighting? Beginning with his simple carbon-filament bulb, we now have home automation systems that let you adjust your connected light sources via your smartphone. However, before you run out and acquire the heavily advertised new advancement, do some research first, so you understand what you're getting into.

Use the platform you're used to

Numerous systems work with a range of platforms to control your smart lighting in Plano, but it might be best to stick with something you’re familiar with . For example, if you own an Android cell phone, you would likely favor a system that supports Google. Or you could choose Amazon Alexa instead which gives you the ability to incorporate spoken instructions on your smart speaker. It’s important to note, if you select a Vivint home security system, your smart light app will work in harmony with Google, Amazon, Android, and iOS.

Does it make sense to use a smart hub?

You might install a couple smart light bulbs that link smoothly with your home network, but then you lose out on various advanced features. Vivint’s Smart Home Automation will integrate into your home’s security if you want the most versatile performance from your Plano smart lighting.

You will find it worthwhile to connect to a central hub and join your lights with a smart doorbell, door and window sensors, or other security and automation components. Then your lights can automatically illuminate if an outside camera notices some unusual movement. Or make your lights go down as your alarms engage before bed.

Customize a schedule for your Plano smart lights

The ability to schedule your lights is a top benefit of smart lighting. Virtually every LED smart bulb can be administered in different methods, giving you the ability to illuminate or shut them down at the time of your choosing. You are also able to put your lights on a timer, activate them in conjunction with the specific times of sunrise and sunset, or program a range of custom schedules to accommodate your lifestyle. When using the Vivint smart home application, you can make them do exactly what you need and at the right time, including lowering or illuminating according to a fixed plan.

Smart lighting reduces energy consumption and cost

Smart LED light bulbs lower your energy usage much more than what you used before and aren't hot to the touch. You can save even more money on utilities through the use of a smart hub, built-in motion sensors, the Vivint smartphone application, or incorporating with your home’s complementary smart home devices. You then end up creating an ecosystem right at your own house that uses and saves energy like never before.

Add more automation components to your smart lighting

One of the great benefits of the Vivint smart home design is that it’s intended to be comprehensive, including a wealth of linked devices like front door cameras, smart door locks, indoor and outdoor cameras, smart thermostats, overhead door automation, and a multitude of additional possibilities. If you have complete control of your home security and automation, your home becomes more secure.

Equip your home with Plano smart lighting from Vivint

If you want to upgrade your standard bulbs to versatile smart lights, you should explore what Vivint can do for you. Our smart home system are designed to make your residence safer and more energy efficient while optimizing your day-to-day life. Contact (972) 703-5112 and request your smart home today!