Get a smart Plano business security system from Vivint

A Vivint business security system in Plano is the best way to keep your business safe, secure, and efficient.

Your Plano business is your baby. That’s why your business should get a professionally installed Plano business security system to keep your site, customers, and employees protected and secure.

With Vivint, you can install intrusion alarms, HD security cameras, and coded locks -- all with remote management and mobile notifications. Then, up the ante with energy management techniques with a smart thermostat or smart lighting that helps your business save some cash.

Here’s how a Plano business security system can work for you

Round-the-clock monitored security

Let Vivint customize the best alarm system for your company, using components like door and glass break sensors, motion detectors, and smart locks. Then if a device triggers, your Vivint monitoring team will contact you and the proper emergency agency within seconds.

Video surveillance

Low profile cameras are professionally placed in the place where they serve you most in your Plano business. Keep sight on doorways, customer transactions, or secure areas. Vivint’s indoor and outdoor cameras have 180° fields of view, zoom and pan functions, and two-way talk. And you can view live feeds and notifications through the mobile app.

Efficient automation devices

Pairing your business security system with automation can save on electric bills. Smart lighting and a smart thermostat can automatically dim during non-business hours so you don’t use unnecessary energy.

Remote access

Your security system can be controlled remotely with the Vivint App. See HD security camera video clips and feeds, unlock doors for cleaning staff, or program activation times for alarms and lights. Then receive texts to your mobile device if a sensor triggers or a security camera detects a lurker.

Fire, flood, and CO detectors

Upgrade your safety systems to Vivint’s state-of-the-art fire detectors, CO sensors, and flood alarms. If an emergency arises, Vivint’s monitoring team will spring into action within a few seconds -- whatever the time of day!

Monitored protection even when the power’s out

Because your Plano business security system runs on wireless technology, it can’t be hindered by a clipped wire or blackout. With a backup battery that gives you 24 hours of power, you’ll keep a constant connection to your system and Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring experts during a power outage or other disaster. 

vivint Plano business security

The greatest Plano business security system for any business

A Vivint professional will customize the ideal security system for your site. Then Vivint’s installers will set cameras, sensors, and devices where they are virtually invisible to your customers and employees. Vivint has created security systems for:

Retail Store


Place cameras to keep an eye on the entryways or back-room inventory. Assign every employee a unique smart lock code and block off employee-only areas.

Office Building


Get notifications when an employee enter and leave the offices, then remotely adjust lighting, thermostats, and sensors to save on energy.


Food and Beverage

The low profile of Vivint components allows your visitors to have a nice, enjoyable experience. Or place a camera to make sure your servers and crew keep a clean and efficient kitchen.


Health and Wellness

Guard client privacy, keep off-limit areas secure, and help with employee interactions with security cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors. Then create a soothing atmosphere by controlling light and temperature levels.


Your business is too important for an out-of-the-box commercial security system

Let the experts from Vivint locate the most effective places for all your components. Vivint specialists experienced attention to detail is necessary when you have a special need, like a camera directed at an essential area. All devices are unobtrusive and slim enough so they don’t take away from the overall aesthetic.

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Design the best business security system for your Plano business. With state-of-the-art components, 24-hour monitoring, and remote management, you’ll love the safety, security, and energy-efficiency your locations can have. Just contact (972) 703-5112 or complete the form below to chat with a Vivint agent.