FAQs About Home Security Systems in Plano

We’ve gathered our most popular home security FAQs in Plano for you. Find your answers to your Vivint Smart Home and home security questions.

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to your Plano home security system! A Vivint expert can help assess your house and your loved ones’ surveillance needs to weigh the very best combination for you. Receive peace of mind with continual surveillance alarm monitoring in addition to fire, CO, and flood detection. Then, customize your smart house with smart devices like locks, lights, and thermostats.

Want to see everything with video surveillance? No problem. Vivint offers HD video with our indoor and outdoor cameras, including our state-of-the-art doorbell cameras. Check in on your cameras through the Vivint App when you’re far from home, and even document and save video clips. Vivint can configure the perfect home security system that suits your needs!

The system can be activated in numerous ways -- door or window detectors, motion detectors, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, etc.-- which deliver a flash to the equipment’s control panel. This notifies the Vivint monitoring team. A live person will call you instantly to see if you need a hand, and contact the appropriate authorities while you find a safe place. Vivint monitoring individuals are accessible around the clock to offer live support when you need them most.

Vivint offers monitoring systems in Plano that are fully wireless and operate through a cellular network, rather than a “landline.” Alarm hubs can join with monitoring locations by cellular-based technology. This means no annoying wires running in your home, and unwanted individuals cannot knock out your monitoring system by breaking your lines.

Vivint surveillance systems have a 24-hour failsafe battery so that your home is still secure, even if your power goes out. The monitoring services as well as the loud siren will still be effective to provide consistent protection of your Plano house.
Yes, most Vivint smart security systems allow remote access capabilities from your mobile device in addition to arming, disarming, and sending messages. You can also control smart automation functions like your home’s lights, garage doors, and your thermostat when you are running errands. View your home while you are away with Vivint’s clear HD video tools on your security cameras. And use the intercom feature on your security cameras to talk with visitors.

Yes! All Vivint smart home system include a yard sign and decals for your home to show that your location is defended by a state-of-the-art home security system with 24/7 monitoring. 90% of intruders confess that they avoid locations with a security system. By defending your home with a Vivint security system and advertising the Vivint signs and stickers, you are already decreasing your risk!

Yes. Vivint has 24 hours/7 days a week monitoring in Plano, 365 days a year. With Vivint home monitoring, you get the peace of mind from knowing you have a professional helping to safeguard the people and items you value most at home.

Absolutely! Vivint’s wireless devices make it perfect for apartment living in Plano. Set up motion sensors, video cameras, and multiple home automation items like smart lighting. An expert installer will quickly put up the components so they can be removed with you when you move. Just chat with your complex to see what security devices are compatible with your community.

Absolutely. Your Vivint Smart Home capabilities are chosen by your family’s needs. Most of your home security and home automation smart items can be used with the Vivint App. Set routines for your components or allow them to respond to specific events. Build your tailored home security equipment with the advanced features you need most for your Plano home!

Yes! It’s easy to hook up your Vivint system to an A.I. assistant. This lets you work everything by voice, from your security system, lighting, and thermostats, to your garage door and locks. Once your voice integration is configured, you can ask Alexa or Google to “arm” or “disarm” your security equipment and much more!